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1 David's Passion, Part Two, page1 on Fri 26 Feb 2010, 23:00


Disturbed One
David Draiman sweetly and oh so slowly withdrew; from me on that day of unbridled passion; ultimately from my life. It was as if we had reached the pinacle in a single day all things a couple can share, and there was no where left to go but down. And may I add that Mr Draiman's particular choice is that very thing!
We had showered and kicked back to relax for the remainder of the evening before the show. David had given me one of his front snap shirts with tails, and he was wearing a similar one. He had on a pair of light cotton pajama bottoms. Me in black bikini panties. David had suggested we go 'au naturel'. "It IS my place," he reminded me. I shot back, "You DO have a lot of curious fans. AND an entourage."
"Entourage!" he laughed loudly and genuinely. But then added, "Yeah. I see what you mean."
So, we were chillin' with a joint of the finest weed I had ever smoked. It was straight from David's personal stash, of course. He is a bit of a pothead and loves to catch a buzz, especially prior to attempting any type of mental task. We agreed it is an essential element to intellectual performance, as well as inspiration. I'd accepted his offer of an alcoholic beverage, although he had declined to take even a sip with me due to his insistence that abstaining would help protect and conserve his unique voice. I'd just shrugged and curled up into the concave we had created during the vast amount of time on the divan. We had already attained quite a high from the potent weed, and now, for me, the beer really topped it off.
David was going over the lines from some of the songs he was going to perform in the show that night. I simply laid my head back, closed my eyes and listened. I could smell our mixed scent of sweat and passion seeped into the divan and lingering in the air. Combined with the scent of the weed and the beer, it was a heavy musky odor, not at all unpleasant.
As I listened in the darkness behind my closed eyelids, David was singing acapella, his hypnotic, haunting voice resonated throughout my mind, body and soul. I could clearly feel the supernatural connection as he wove in and out through the mystical lyrics, creating wonder and a growing curiousity in me as he continued, his spectacular gift on remarkable display. Beautiful.
I slightly opened my eyes just a crack to catch a peek at him through my lashes. All the emotion written on his handsome, unassimilated face was so profound I quickly caught my breath. There was so much talk all through the music world of David Draiman's cold persona. How he always maintained an aura of non emotion and non feeling, even bordering on sociopathic. But it was glaringly obvious now that that could not be the case. Maybe David felt he always had to present a front of callousness to protect himself for some reason. I don't know. I only knew that what was before me at this time was an emotional human being, his feelings wide open like I had never seen him before, not even on stage. ....(continued)

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