The Kingdom Hearts Series. like or dislike?

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Are you a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series?

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One of The Ten Thousand
im personally a fan of the games. some of the dialogue gets annoying, but the gameplay is really fun and the story draws you in and gives interesting and sometimes controversial views on life throughout the game. Didnt like the gameplay of Chain of Memories though. Believe

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Loading The Weapon
I'm not the biggest fan of the the games, I have played and watched people played. I just can't get into the games. Maybe its something to do with playing as or with Disney characters. I don't know I have never seen myself getting into the game.

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Final Fantasy and Disney..HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT COMBONATION?? its genius and brilliantly put together, iv played loved and beat them all at least twice, cant wait for the next KH games.

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Fun game.

KHII had a lot of potential but went way downhill from the first.

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I LOVED the PS2 games, the handheld ones with the stupid card battle system were terrible in my opinion.

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A Welcome Burden
Hardcore dislike

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