Think Of My Writings As Disturbed. Some Of It Is True-At Times-And Some Times-Just Lyrics

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Disturbed One
I started these particular writings soon after I saw David's new girlfriend, the present one as of 2-15-2010. I had already heard him say he was seeing a Japanese model. I don't remember her name, but her picture on Morbus Rising Disturbed is exquisite! I was a little jealous.
But then I saw some more recent pics of she and David at an event, and I perceive she's done like we all do. She let a professionally retouched photo of a much younger self be submitted. I don't really blame her. She was very beautiful, then.
Don't get me wrong. She is still very pretty. But it appears that more than once David may have 'ridden her hard and put her up wet'.<(an old country figure of speech)
It's had no affect on him. He is still just as awesome as ever. I just hope he has not started drinking as often as it appears. I really do pray FOR David Draiman, that he will, not only be happy, but find true contentment. xox Betta

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Disturbed One
I could not believe my own eyes today- You've resurrected your lifeless heart- Once again- Inabsentia emotion- Inacceptable, the lack of grace- Inability is certain gratification- Life abundant within the all-consuming lie- Let it carnivorous eat away at our substance- Build on to this life of anticipated commotion- Perpetual storm- Always over the horizon- Forever- Between us- A widening ocean.

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