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1 on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 10:18

I am Tammy, I have 5 children, one wonderful husband, 5'3" 115 lbs. drk. brown hair with red highlites, hazel eyes, and totally in love with David, I can't wait til one day I get to meet him. don't worry, my husband says "it's cute that you have such an infatuation with that man." Can't wait to here what ear candy they come up with next!!!!!!!!!!!! :Love:

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2 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 10:27

Welcome to our forum

Enjoy!! xxx

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3 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 12:07

hello and welcome to the best forum (i think so anyway) the people on here are so friendly, and its cool to come on here and not worry about the haters who dont like Disturbed, cuz we all love em on here. so, welcome, have fun!

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4 YOU........THANK YOU..... on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 12:45

Thank you for your warm welcome you two, there are so many hipocritical people out there, I feel like this is my new web family, I feel like a have true friends not judgemental, not fake, not" it's all about me, you are no one" , thoae kinds of people don't have a clue on what a good friend they could have in me.....So I say to you once again.....THANK YOU, love you guys.

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5 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 12:47

Welcome to the forum! This forum is also nice because ut has the coolest and nicest people.

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6 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 13:09


welcome to the forum :)

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7 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 14:37


Welcome to the Forum The guy

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8 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 17:40


Global Moderator

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9 Re: on Sat 19 Dec 2009, 22:22

WOW, YOU ALL ARE UNBELIEVABLE, GAWD, I LOVE IT HERE!!!! Thank you so much for such a warm welcome! I am so stoked about this site now, It is so NOT like all the other sites when all you are is 'just anothed fan', dam I love it here! You guys f_____' ROK!!!!!!

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10 Re: on Mon 04 Jan 2010, 16:50


Eye of the Storm
Whats up.

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11 Re: on Tue 05 Jan 2010, 13:50


Down With the Sickness
WELCOME!!! :D Believe

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