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Hello and welcome back dear reader, in an epiphany of mine I have come to a conclusion and decided to write to you, giving you small things of wisdom and stating a few thoughts. Sadness my friends. We have all experienced this emotion, and in some instances, depression. But what I shall be talking of is the extremes. Now take for example, suicide. A sick, twisted act of selfishness correct? I find it more of an…escape if you will. A desperate decision, but a decision none the less.
Your spirit is shattered. No one cares for you anymore. And to make matters worse, a loved one departs from you. Whether it be a relationship or a death of a loved one. A rift, a tear, a void erupts in your soul. Now dear reader what do you fill this emptiness with? Some turn to decadence, trying to indulge themselves with debauched pleasures. Others turn to the intoxications of the world. Getting high, shooting up, snorting crack. All of these are used as a way of trying to escape the sorrow.
Now I ask you dear reader, do these methods help? Would they help you? Or would they push you further into the darkness? Wouldn’t it just be easier to leave the earth? Into the unknown beyond. (I refuse to mention beliefs as in not to offend you dear reader.) A single bullet. A rope. A razor. An excess of alcohol or other drugs. All are separate ways to end your so called miserable life.
But I urge you reader, if you do decide to commit this atrocious act, think about those who shall miss you. Think about the people that might actually care about your so called terrible life. Is your life really so terrible? Time can heal the deepest of wounds friend. I urge you to persevere towards hope. I cannot force your hand nor can I change your delusion, I recommend you rethink your decision, lest you die in vain.
Now onto another subject, albeit not as morbid as the previous one. Your sadness can affect others my dear reader. You are spreading the sickness if you will. Say for example you arrive, head down, monotone voice. You are dressed in shabby wear and you only complain. This attitude does not help anyone in the slightest. So if you are sad, depressed or any other kind of remorse, I suggest you refrain yourself from spreading it. Now do not think I am telling you to avoid humans. I am merely saying that you should stay away from situations where you can drastically alter another soul’s life.
My apologies for bringing another subject into play dear reader, my mind is filled with thoughts I am eager to share with you. I have been thinking, is sadness linked to murder? A simple answer. Yes. Is it always the case? Somewhat. Allow me to explain. Take for example you kill for revenge, now that revenge had to be spurred on by anger. Anger is a by-product or prerequisite to the sadness. Say you are sad, an imbecile torments you for an entire day with his ignorance and stupidity. You would be sick of this fools antic. Therefore you are angry. You are more perceptible to being angered if you are sad, a very common fact if I am not mistaken.
This anger escalated to its pinnacle can cause you to act irrationally. Could someone actually anger you enough to kill them? Why but of course dear reader! As I talked about in my previous writings, emotions can spiral to crazed fits of rage and jealousy. Which of course can lead you to murder, suicide, assault and an intense variety of other despicable crimes. All of which are frowned upon by society.
In conclusion dear reader, I am merely stating this fact as a warning and message to you all. I apologize for being so late to you, in fact life has been interrupting my thoughts lately. I bid you all farewell, until my next plethora of thoughts occurs…good bye, dear reader.

This one is called "Mistress"

The place glowed of candlelight, adorned on the walls were crosses and holy objects of gold and silver. Each lined with different jewels and precious stones. Upon the ceiling an epic painting of angels and warring daemons, depicting the eternal struggle of mankind. Stained glass windows reflected the dim moonlight in various colors across the old wood. Rows of pews made their way up to the beautiful altar on which a large cross stood upright. Behind the altar, in the center of the cathedral was a depiction of the Christ hanging on the cross, nails pierced through his skin, a vicious crown of thorns embedded into his head. A representation of the pain, suffering, and the sin of the world.
Suddenly the doors were thrust open and there stood a beaten man, dripping with tears and blood from open wounds. He was half naked, only a pair of torn pants to cover his mangled body. A priest hurried to him, clothed in black, head shaven and eyes filled with experience.
“Father! I need forgiveness!” He said between broken breaths. “I have escaped my mistress so close to death! She is coming and she is filled with anger and malice at my escaping! Protect me Father!” the man cried, his voice shaking.
“My son, be calm, nothing can hurt you now. Please tell me of your mistress. Be at peace, she is not with you now.” the priest said, raising the poor soul to his feet.
“She is everywhere! She holds over all like me! She demands hold and promises me happiness if I give in…I always do Father…I cannot resist the will of my Mistress…I and many others are at her command. Forever and always Father…even now…only in death may we escape her clutches.” he spoke, his eyes staring up to the Christ hanging upon the cross.
“Do you not understand my son? You are free from her. She cannot hurt you here, we shall protect you.”
“No Father…” he laughed. “It is you who does not understand.”
The priest was puzzled at the statement, never before had someone not been soothed by the protection of the church.
“She rests in my thoughts, the people’s thoughts, even your mind is home to her. Her influence is greater then the leaders of all the world. Her wish is the law of the earth.” the man continued.
“Please my son, tell me more of this Mistress, what does she look like so we may find her and put her through judgment for the pain she has caused.” the priest promised.
“My Mistress…her hair the softest in the world… pricks you like a bed of needles. Her face is alluring beauty, horrific disgust. Her body, invites any soul who wishes her pleasures, she destroys anyone who does so. She is a façade, a masquerade! Her voice soothes the soul and devours the mind! Don’t you know who I speak? I need release…but I can not have it! None shall be free from the everlasting bondage of my Mistress!” the man exclaimed. He turned his face downward, asking for silent forgiveness.
The priest, eyes wide open, hands outstretched asked,
“Who is your Mistress!?”
The man looked into his eyes and cried,

‘My Mistress is Sin.”

This one is called Conformity

The wood clatters across the stage. A dark room save for the single spotlight upon the figure. Its face, a lifeless object. It doesn’t show emotion. No pain, no hate, no anger. No joy, no happiness, no tears. It moves across the stage, clattering, moving without cause or purpose. Does anyone care about this lifeless object? It is the same routine each day. Each hour. Every second the same thoughts go through its head. You ask “How can a lifeless object have thoughts?” I ask you dear reader, how do you have thoughts? Allow me to explain, do we as humans actually have meaningful thoughts? Well my friend that is most certainly objective.
Us as humans have worry, cares, emotions. We meditate on different thoughts and feed off of others emotions. That you can’t deny. We take what others radiate and apply it in our very own lives. Good or Evil. Beneficial or harmful. If you are surrounded by happiness, chances are you will be happy. Although you may have a case of rebellion and want to stick out and therefore turned to a darker life. But how many thoughts are really our own?
Can you say that you have your own opinions? How often can you tell your friend you disagree? You may disagree of your own accorded on occasion but can you hold up your beliefs with your own argument? I will have to say I honestly doubt it dear reader. I tell you dear reader, do not conform to anyone. No matter the cost.
Conformity is a terrible thing…do you think anyone that is extraordinary followed the crowd their whole lives? Well if you do, you are sadly mistaken dear reader. No one becomes uncommon by being with common people. No one can reach their full potential when bogged down by the world today. Today’s world forces people to become stupid, foolish, standardized by the people in charge.
Today’s thought was a short one, but a thought none the less. Just remember dear reader, we must make them remember. It is the puppet who should pull the strings.

I have more but I wanted to see if people liked them :) Enjoy!

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One of The Ten Thousand
Wow, you may have covered every Disturbed song in all these writings.

"The puppet should pull the strings". Very interesting insight

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of course in a good way, lazarus. LOL!

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you taking philosophy? LMAO! The line about how do we know thoughts is kind of like how do you know we exist? How do you know there is a me or me that there is a you. How do I know you aren't a well-built robot with the ability to come up with things like this. They are out there. Chat rooms use them (bots) and they can talk and give the weather all over the world. They make jokes and even say hello and goodbye. So how do we know?

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I am actually starting to get into philosophy and beginning meditation :) Glad you all liked it!

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I know. Philosophy is kind of hard to comprehend sometimes though. esp the ones Ive been reading like Clark and Kitcher. Then of course we descartes and plato and aristotle

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Thing is though Im only 15! Its hard to get a hold of some stuff :)

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