DISTURBED Frontman Says BARACK OBAMA 'Seems To Be Heading In The Right Direction'

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The German edition of Metal Hammer magazine conducted an interview with vocalist David Draiman of DISTURBED at this year's installment of the Graspop Metal Meeting, which was held on June 26-28, 2009 on the festival grounds of the Boeretang in Dessel, Belgium. Watch the chat at this location.

A transcript of Draiman's responses to the interview questions follows below.

On how President Barack Obama is doing so far:

Draiman: "So far he seems to be doing well. He seems to be heading in the right direction. His intentions are certainly good. I don't know how realistic a public healthcare system is going to be, a socialized healthcare; that may be well beyond his presidency, even if he comes through a second term. There just isn't enough medical staff to supply the demand; it's just not enough. People would be on waiting lists for years before they got something done. So I think that, while his intentions are good in a lot of areas, the practicalities don't always match up to them. But as far as getting greener, as far as changing the impression of the United States on a worldwide level — being a little bit more of an open hand as opposed to a closed fist — is a good thing. So we're very hopeful — I'm very hopeful — of what he'll be able to accomplish."

On whether he is surprised by how much Obama has accomplished already in the first few months of his presidency:

Draiman: "No. I wouldn't say that I'm surprised. I'm pleased, but not surprised. I think that, actually, Americans in general, you'll find, by nature are rather impatient. We expect things to happen very, very quickly. So... not surprised, but definitely pleased, and hopeful that it will continue in that direction."

On whether America's image in other parts of the world has changed as a result of the new administration:

Draiman: "With some people. But I think that there are certain people in this world who need an enemy — that they exist because there is an enemy, and if the enemy no longer existed, then they would not have any power. People like [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmedinejad, people who gained power from breeding hatred. I think that there's always going to those people who need to demonize something or someone — whether it's the United States or any other country. But it's refreshing to see some of the people who no longer have a reason to demonize, who are letting their guard down. I think it definitely shows hope for the future."

On whether DISTURBED's stance as an American band has changed as a result of Obama's presidency:

Draiman: "Not at all. Our support for this president has been very clear ever since he was a candidate. I, actually, was hopeful that Barack Obama would become a presidential candidate when he first spoke at the Democratic National Convention, when he was the keynote speaker; that was my first exposure to him. And obviously he was within the Illinois state government for quite a number of years. So I think that we've been hopeful to see him emerge and to see him grow and develop. As far as our stance regarding the troops is concerned, that's unequivocal. We are behind our fighting men and women no matter what. No matter what they're ordered to do, they've sworn an oath, they follow orders and they do it without question; they sacrifice their families, their lives, their peace in order to preserve ours. So there's tremendous honor and respect in that, and we will continue and we will always support them."

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Great article hope obama does a great good and give us free health care.

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i agree..BUT..at the same time i dont think it can happen..for one thing..say for example theres 3 million people in the usa..but theres only 100 doctors to check them..you know there going to be put on a list and evaluated by age how good or bad there health is..and im ashamed to say it but in some cases race. then if there are medications that need handing out then im sure depending on the meds that the prices will be jacked up to try and even out the loss of money from the free health care plan..there are ALOT of sick people in the US and if they do set forth this free health care plan then it'll be a few shades less then mass pandimonium because everyone will want to get to the nearest clinic or hospital wich will cause traffic accidents and probly raise the death toll up a few notches in the process wich will put even more people on the waiting list because of injerd people. amaricans are VARY self centered and VARY impatient and VARY greedy. some are not..but most of them are and the first thing that will come to there minds is "im to good to sit here and wait" wich will get other people thinking the same and get invalved and pretty much start a chain reaction that will cause riots. and i know your thinking "but Andy that wount happen" but it can happen and i would bet my job on it that it will. free health care would be a great thing but without the proper amount of doctors or hospitals or clinics to temperaraly house people long enough for there check in-and out then like david said people will be waiting for a while. and because the health care will be free and clinics are packed, the people who REALLY need medical assistence will be waiting to get in or pushed to the back of the line by the before mentioned greedy self-centered and impatient people.

at least thats my veiw on the whole deal...some may agree..some may not..and i am probably wrong but thats my thought on it..sad and horrible i know..but whatever..i said my piece..so PEACE!!

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One of The Ten Thousand
I hope americans get free health care. All those HMO's are pure evil. Some of these HMO's actually pay health care administrators to deny a patient care so that they dont have to cover it. Not that they probably will anyways. But americans need free health care because in today's economy, no person in america can afford to get sick. The challenge isn't getting the money to support free health care, its setting up a system that benefits all classes of people.

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