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(Sorry if the spelling isn't good, I'm Dutch so English isn't my best language.)
Last Tuesday was the day for all Dutch Disturbed fans to go to Tilburg.
After an hour and a half of traffic and lousy drivers, me and 10 of my friends arrived at Tilburg. After some delicious KFC we decided it was time to go to 013, the venue. Once we were there we had to separate somewhat do to different line for people with bags, although we found each other quickly once we were all inside. We had thought to stand on the stairs in the back of the room. So, excited as we all were, we nearly ran into the room only to discover it was already crammed with people. The balcony then... Which I found really comfortable, because I'm only 1.76 meters (which is about 5.7/5.8) and on the balcony there are no tall people in front of you.
While we were all getting drinks the support act had begun. Which was not really good. It was nice background music as we talked before the real show started. And what exactly do you talk about before a concert? If 013 had an air conditioning system and if so, could they PLEASE turn it on?! After 5 minutes the sweat was running down my back, forehead and basically everywhere else you can sweat. Disgusting.
At around 21.00 it was finally time for the lights to go out and Dan, Mike and John to take the stage. David was pushed on stage in his strait-jacket and his Hannibal mask. After a short intro they started with "Voices" which immediately set the tone. Then came "Liberate" and "Just Stop". The sad part in these three songs was that the music, especially David's microphone, wasn't as good as I am used to. But apparently they fixed it after this. Which we were all very happy about.
Then it was time for "Prayer" and "Meaning of Life" which really got the crowd exited. After a short solo by Mike "Land of Confusion" was played. And as one of my friends said very excitedly: "That song was from Genesis once." Yeah duh!
After "Remember" and "Stupefy" came the first tunes of the new album. A beautifully performed Medley with "Hell", "Shout 2000", "Criminal" and "Deify". Which was good because I was starting to worry if they forgot the new album. I would have preferred it if they played the full song of "Criminal", but maybe that's just me.
Then came "The Game", "Inside the Fire" and "Stricken" (do any of you also have to think about which keys you'd have to press to rock on Guitar Hero 3?? Because I do...)
After this the crowd was really in the mood and started singing: Bier en tieten tralalalala. Which roughly translates to: Beer and boobs tralalalala... David watched this for a while and then asked for an explanation, what he got was: Beer and Boobs. David's reaction:"That's not what you were singing... What the f*ck were you chanting?!" Everybody:"Bier en tieten tralalalala..." David:"I don't even know what the f*ck you're saying. But whatever you're saying when you're chanting it together it sounds good so thank you."
After this little interruption the crowd decided to let Disturbed get on with their show and "Ten Thousand Fists" was welcomed with open arms. "Indestructible" was played and David said:"Thank you, Goodnight". Which off course greatly displeased the crowd. Another couple of verses from Bier en Tieten was song. And then Mike came back on stage and performed an amazing solo, which turned smoothly over into "Down with the Sickness". The crowd was already yelling along with the intro:"Can you feel that? Ah, shit." When the much appreciated "Oh-ah-ah-ah-ah" was sang only by the crowd due to the fact that the music went out... Very, very nicely done!
David rusumed the singing after an outbreak of applause and we all sang/screamed our lungs out during the last song of the night.
At 22.45 we were finally greeted outside with much needed fresh air.
But it was worth it. The sound was great, great atmosphere, some fun with the band. And best off all... What David can do with his voice.. Beautiful, chills down my back..

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